Brown’s Breakdown

January 30, 2009



It has by all recognition not been a good week for the embattled “great leader.” This was a week which saw the government’s majority slashed to just 18, which resulted in Andy Slaughter a PPS resigning from the government, and the IMF report stating that the UK will be the worst performing economy in 2009 with projected negative growth of 2.8 and a debt that will take TWENTY YEARS to pay off. As if all this wasn’t bad enough there were also rumours that “the one” (Obama) may not come to London for the G20 conference, shock horror!


All this seems to have been too much for Brown who was claimed to be “tearful and dewy eyed” by Labour MPs. The PM broke down as he called the Labour rebels into his Commons office one by one and pleaded with them to back the Government. According to one MP who voted with the Tories on Heathrow the PM said “if we lose this vote it will de-stabilise the Government and de-stabilise the markets.” Mind you this was a bit of an improvement from the press conference he gave on Monday when it was claimed by some that he “wet himself,” there is no substantial evidence for this but the fact this rumour is spreading shows how far confidence in the PM has fallen.


It may not be surprising, that the PM is breaking down as the wheels begin to come off the engine of state. The pressure on him is enormous, but I can’t help but feel that he brought it on himself. If he had not gone round claiming he had “ended boom and bust” and that he had “saved the world” he might not have found himself in such a position as the second banking crisis hits.


I genuinely believe that in Brown’s head he has constructed an alternative reality which he passionately believes to be the truth. If he were to admit to the rest of us even the tiniest doubt about what he is doing it might just tip him over the edge. That is why Downing Street said this week that Brown was right and the IMF was wrong, and why Brown continues to fob off Cameron at PMQs. How long will it be I wonder before we are forced to beg the IMF for a loan and the PM will be wheeled off in a straight jacket?