Dale meets the Iron Lady

June 14, 2009


Iain Dale has managed to secure an exclusive interview with Margaret Thatcher, and you can watch it all below. Well it’s not really the Iron Lady but Steve Nallon, who did Thatcher’s voice for spitting image. The video is very funny and the impression is uncanny.


Blogging is Back

May 31, 2009




The blog is back! My exams are finally over, and after a longer than anticipated break, blogging will recommence.

Leicester University CF is very busy at the moment with the EU election campaign in the city and travelling out into the county to campaign for our excellent candidates there.

It is with the elections in mind that I would like to draw your attention to election night itself. Usually the BBC provides some excellent coverage of the results, if not on the night then at least the next day as the counts begin. This year however there will only be a 2 hour show on Sunday! For political anoraks like me this is hugely disappointing.

However all hope is not lost, Iain Dale and Hopi Sen have got together to provide live radio coverage of the election results on Friday and Sunday. Please do click on the LINK and tune in.

Cameron’s Speech

April 26, 2009




This afternoon David Cameron delivered one of his greatest speeches at the Spring forum in Cheltenham. This was a very important speech, perhaps the most important of his leadership so far. In his landmark speech he sends out a very clear signal about the direction a future Conservative government will take. It sums up very precisely what a Conservative government would do to mend our broken economy and highlights that in doing so some tough decisions will have to be made. Here are a few extracts, but for a more comprehensive overview of the speech check out Iain Dale’s blog.


Over the next few years, we will have to take some incredibly tough decisions on taxation, spending, borrowing – things that really affect people’s lives. Getting through those difficult decisions will mean sticking together as a country – government and people. That relationship, just as any other, is strengthened by honesty; undermined by dishonesty.

Gordon Brown doesn’t understand how important this is. Despite the gravity of this debt crisis despite the serious consequences of not dealing with it he still can’t stop his politics of spin; smoke and mirrors; treating people as fools.


There’s no responsibility left in Labour. They’re already set to have the highest borrowing in the G20. And yet, unbelievably, this Government is planning to spend and borrow even more. They’ve just announced a spending increase – not a cut, but an increase – of £20 billion for next year. They’ve delayed the cuts until after the election. Now I wonder why that could be?

Last week, Labour had their chance to set out their alternative, to show how they would lead us out of this crisis and they completely blew it. And now, I just think people are completely sick of it. Sick of Labour’s cynicism; sick of their incompetence; sick of their irresponsibility…

…So it will fall to this Party to offer the responsible politics the country expects in this age of austerity.