Beware the feral Media

January 25, 2009


As recent events have shown you need to be careful what you post online, especially on sites like Facebook. Online security is essential and you have to be weary of who your friends are. Iain Dale has posted that a Daily Mirror journalist called Carla Jones has been trying to befriend Tories in the hopes of uncovering another scandal like the Matt Lewis debacle that occurred earlier this month.


In that case Matt and the two others were wrong to do what they did, but when the media got hold of the story it became blown out of proportion. It seems the media will do anything to write a “Tory scandal” story with a by line of “they are just the same old nasty party.”


This incident reminds me of last year when that other Mirror journalist tried to infiltrate CCHQ, but luckily she was discovered before could get inside and cause all sorts of damage. It seems the tabloid media will stop at nothing, and stoop to any level to bring the party down. You might say if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, but this is an invasion of privacy obtained through deceptive means, which in my eyes is little short of criminal.