Get Well Soon Lady Thatcher

June 13, 2009



Yesterday I was deeply saddened to hear the news that Margaret Thatcher was taken to hospital after breaking her arm. Lady Thatcher suffered the injury after she fell at home, but I am pleased to report that her office has said she is “recovering well”. They went on to say that “it’s a simple fracture, but bearing in mind who she is, she’s 83 and the shock to the system, the doctors decided that it would be best to keep her in over night.” Her son Sir Mark Thatcher visited her at the hospital today and he said that his mother was “relaxed” and had “a bit of mischief about her.”

It is fair to say that Lady Thatcher has become increasingly frail in recent years and has suffered a number of minor strokes. Her daughter Carol has also spoken about her struggle with dementia.

Her ill health has forced her to abandon her regular public speaking engagements since 2002 but she still makes public appearances.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Lady Thatcher earlier this week when she attended a celebratory meal at the Carlton Club in London to mark the 30th anniversary of her historic election victory. More than 270 guests gathered at the Carlton Club, for the biggest dinner the Club has hosted in more than two decades

Lady Thatcher was joined by her former minister Lord Wakeham, former Tory leader Michael Howard, her advertising guru Lord Saatchi and Sir Edward du Cann, who chaired the backbench 1922 Committee during her premiership.

Lady Thatcher, who was recently made President of the Carlton, was also honoured by the club’s chairman Lord Cope, who presented her with a framed portrait of the Duke of Wellington, the founder of the Carlton.

We at LUCF wish Lady Thatcher a speedy recovery and a swift return to the good health she displayed at the Carlton earlier this week.


Pictures from the count

June 13, 2009


Earlier this week I posted about the EU election count that took place in Leicester but I never posted the full figures from the night, so here they are.


As you can see we did extremely well in our region polling 2% above the national average and with an increase of 3.8% since 2004. UKIP and Labour both collapsed, with their vote shairs both falling by 9.6% each.

High res euro count 23[1] (2) 

As promised here are some pictures from the count. Above is a picture of Roger Helmer giving his victory speech, and below is a picture of the conservative team.

High res euro count 24[2] (2)

Brown is Boyle!

June 13, 2009


Brown Boyle


Continuing the general theme of poking fun at the PM the Daily Show has highlighted the surprising similarities between Gordon Brown and Susan Boyle. Guido has also posted on this and comes up with the corker of a joke.

“One is famous on YouTube as a slightly bonkers Scot with tragic mental health issues and unruly hair, who ultimately loses and the other is a singer in a talent contest.”

At least Gordon Brown can sleep safe in the knowledge that if being Prime Minister doesn’t work out he has a lucrative career ahead of him as a Susan Boyle impersonator.

Why don’t you like me?

June 11, 2009


This video that Dizzy highlighted on Tuesday is absolutely hilarious. I can’t stop watching it at the moment. Rory Bremner is a genius!

Congratulations Conservatives

June 9, 2009




We at LUCF were very busy during the county and EU elections, campaigning across Leicestershire we delivered hundreds of leaflets and knocked on countless doors. The results were great we had a net gain of five county seats and increased our share of the EU vote by 3.8 %, which was the largest in any UK region. In NW Leicestershire where we spent most of our time we picked up three seats off Labour and narrowly missed out in another, which was the best result in the county.  

I was at the county council count in NW Leicestershire and the East Midlands EU count in Leicester and the atmosphere was something to savour as the results came in and we picked up our target seats.

It was a shame we did not pick up a third conservative MEP in the region, but it was always going to be an uphill struggle to get Rupert Matthews elected when the region was stripped of one of its seats. We at LUCF would like to congratulate all our new conservative county councillors and Roger Helmer and Emma McClarkin on their election to the EU parliament.

We must take on the BNP

June 9, 2009



Last week was a dark week for UK politics as it saw the election of the first BNP MEPs and county councillors. It was especially sad as it came at a time when we commemorated the sacrifices that our veterans made 65 years ago during the D-Day landings. They fought against the forces of fascism and intolerance to create a better world for the rest of us, what a way to honour that sacrifice.

So why did the BNP do so well this week? The reality is that the BNP’s gains this week have come as a direct result of the failures of the Labour party, and as their voters abandoned them, many turned to the national socialists of the BNP. I was at the count in NW Leicestershire last Friday, where the BNP won the county council seat of Coalville. This is an old mining town with deep Labour and trade union traditions, it is not a hotbed of Conservatism but we put in a good show, increased our vote and finished second. The problem was that Labour’s vote just collapsed, it practically halved and the BNP came from almost nowhere to pick up the seat.

Standing by and hoping the BNP would just go away is no longer an option, in fact it has been disastrous. By not giving the BNP a platform, they can claim to be as Nick Griffin said; “victims” and they are left to freely peddle their lies to the electorate without proper scrutiny. I am not saying that people who voted BNP this week did not know they were voting for a racist, fascist party, but if their views are not challenged then people think that these views are acceptable or that they are not that bad.

A new approach is therefore needed to tackle the BNP. The no platform policy advocated by the left is just as lazy as their labelling of the BNP as “far-right.” All parties, but especially the Labour party have failed vast swathes of the white, working class vote and they have come to the conclusion that they have nowhere to turn but into the arms of the extremists. Most people who voted BNP are more than anything frustrated with the government, they just want to be listened to, and they want action on things like jobs and immigration which they care deeply about.

We can no longer pretend that there is not a problem, as I have said the BNP will not go away, but we must take away the electorates reasons for voting for them. The best way to defeat the BNP is to tackle thorny issues like immigration and expose the BNP in the media. I think the best way to turn people against the BNP is to get people like Nick Griffin on the TV as much as possible, and then taking their arguments to pieces, bit by bit. When questioned about his views in interviews Griffin always makes himself look like a complete p***.  

The BNP are completely abhorrent and their vile ideology needs to be tackled head on. There are no ifs and buts about it, the BNP are the British Nazi party. Their ideology is no different to Hitler’s or Mussolini’s and their continued advance would lead to the same results. It was Edmund Burke who said that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” and I for one will not stand idly by as a bunch of skin heads in suits abuse our political system in an attempt to destabilise our nation.

The BNP are left wing and are taking Labour votes

June 9, 2009


Michael Rock, National CF Chairman has given his analysis of the EU election results and discusses the rise of the BNP on the CF website. It’s such a good post that I have decided to reproduced it here as it deserves as wide an audience as possible.

The European Election results have been positive for the Conservative Party, with a collapse in Labour’s support amidst a general shift away from the established parties. The results also show an increasing inclination towards EU-scepticism, which may reflect the general mistrust of politicians and an increased desire for accountability and transparency, which the EU patently does not offer.

Set in that context, the increase in voter share for the Conservatives is impressive; it shows we are in touch with public opinion and that our candidates best represent and reflect the opinions of the electorate.

The most significant shift we have seen is the increase in the vote of the BNP, who now, shamefully, represent the UK with two MEPs. I am personally embarrassed that we have got to this low point in politics; this is the first time in our great history that we have fascist representation.

The question is, how do we fight the BNP? Their literature, rhetoric and message taps into the insular, protectionist sentiment of the left. We have seen a virtually direct transfer of votes amongst the left; Labour loses 7%, BNP register 6%. Griffin himself admits his party is left wing. Is this an opportunity for the right to once again debate the broader philosophical debate? Has the disintegration of Labour’s support provided the left wing a real alternative?

It is patently obvious that the BNP are racist but that doesn’t mean all the votes they receive come from racists; their message of protectionism, of support for a larger state, of restricting free trade is a classic mixture of left-wing politics. Not only have Labour let down the country with their mishandling of the economy, their sustained attack on our freedom and constitutional vandalism, they have let the left wing down by not fighting the BNP on political grounds.

We should all fight the BNP but Labour have to wake up; the BNP are left wing and are taking Labour votes.

Great stuff Michael, I will post later on my views about the BNP and how we must tackle their vile ideology and make sure that their recent electoral success is never repeated again.