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If you want to contribute to the future of the country, and help the Conservatives win the next election, why not join Conservative Future and be part of the UK’s fastest-growing movement for under 30s in politics. Members of CF come from a whole range of backgrounds just like you – whatever your experience of life, whatever your level of political interest – Conservative Future can cater for your interests. Whether you have lots of time or hardly any – you can get involved as much or as little as you like.


Conservative Future is the movement for under 30s, including all members of the Conservative Party of this age. The organisation is all about involving young people in politics and addressing the issues that matter to them.

With 15,000 members across the country, Conservative Future runs a range of events and activities, from policy discussions to social gatherings. Many of these are organised by individual branches, which are based in cities, constituencies and on campuses. Members of Conservative Future also have the opportunity to get involved in campaign activity – supporting and standing as Conservative candidates in elections at all levels, from student politics to Westminster.

CF helps set the agenda in the Party – influencing the politics of tomorrow. The organisation is a vital element of the Conservative Party’s path back to government – and there has never been a better opportunity to get involved.

Conservative Future has an important role to play as the youth voice within the Party, ensuring that the views and opinions of young people are taken on board in the policy renewal process. This includes taking the message of the Conservative Party to all people aged under 30 and to those studying in universities.

How ever much you want to get involved is entirely up to you – whatever your experience of life and whatever you do, there are opportunities to participate and contribute to the future of the Party.

We want to hear from the Conservatives of the future, and there are a number of benefits to getting involved:
• The opportunity to meet the Party Leader and the Shadow Cabinet.
• The opportunity to discuss and influence policy.
• The opportunity to meet like-minded individuals with an interest in politics.
• The opportunity to learn and acquire new skills.
• The opportunity to attend events in the Houses of Parliament, embassies and at the centre of politics.
• The opportunity to get involved as much or as little as you want.


There are national and local activities to cater for members nationwide. Even if you are not currently a member, why not come along to one of our events and find out more about who we are and what we can offer you? There are a range of activities and events organised by the University of Leicester CF, the national party and other organisations including; socials, campaign days, dinners with MPs, and informal get-togethers. 

Campaign Activity

Conservative Future plays a leading role in helping to get Conservative candidates elected at all levels. This involvement includes many CF members standing as candidates themselves for local government. CF can make a real difference in local and national campaigns, and all members can help the Conservatives win elections by joining us on campaign days and encouraging others to support the Party.


It is essential that Conservative Future is at the forefront of efforts to attract more young people to get involved in politics and provide them with the skills to communicate our messages effectively. CF also has an important role to play in providing new blood for the future of the Party. A range of training opportunities are now available to CF activists, to improve skills in a range of areas.



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