An eve-of-poll update by Rupert Matthews

June 3, 2009



Rupert Matthews is one of our East Midlands Conservative MEP candidates and he has written an update on the doorstep campaign which you can read in full on ConservativeHome. I have reproduced some of the article here but please do read the full version.

“It has been a real rollercoaster of a ride these past few weeks on the campaign trail. We got off to a flying start with successful campaign launches in each county and effective campaigning from every association – then everything got overtaken by the whole expenses thing. I won’t bother rehearsing what has been going on with that as I am sure that most readers have been out on the doorstep and know full well the strong feelings of the public.

It would seem that most anger – and abuse – is coming from voters who are not firm Conservative pledges. This would bear out my own anecdotal evidence on the doorsteps. In safe Conservative seats I have had considerably less abuse than in marginals. Is it that Conservative voters are more impressed by David Cameron than are Labour voters by Gordon Brown? Or are naturally Conservative people less inclined to have a rant at a canvasser? Who knows?

What does seem clear is that the picture is rather more complicated that the newspapers would have us believe. There would seem to be all to play for. But then, I am a candidate. Maybe I am being too optimistic, or pessimistic.” 


Best-Value MEPs

June 3, 2009




A new study from the Taxpayers’ Alliance published today analyses all the UK MEPs for their transparency, and for their participation in the parliament’s work. I am happy to report that the study shows that both of the East Midlands Conservative MEPs – Roger Helmer and Chris Heaton-Harris – are in the top 5 out of 78.  Full details for all UK MEPs can be found at: 

Number One is the Northern Ireland MEP Jim Allister, formerly of the DUP but now an independent. Chris comes in at second, and Roger is ranked fourth. And the other two top-five places go to Dan Hannan (SE) and Syed Kamall (London). Meantime Lib-Dem Bill Turncoat Dunn comes in at 57th, and Labour’s Glenis Willmott at 63rd. In fact Labour performs very poorly overall, with most of the lowest places coloured red.

So there you have it – all of the top five are sound euro-sceptics, and four of them are Conservatives. This is great news for Conservatives as it shows that our MEPs are open and transparent, which is a good thing especially when the public are so rightly worried and angry at the political scandals that are happening right now.