CF Demand an Election

April 30, 2009




Conservative Future has today launched a national campaign to put pressure on the Prime Minister to call a General Election.


Members and supporters of CF are encouraged to write to Downing St to call for an immediate election, so that the voters can choose who they want to lead them out of this recession.


Michael Rock – national CF chairman said; “We are starting this campaign as it is our members’ generation that is going to be saddled with the debt of this Government. The Government got us into this debt and we don’t believe it will be able to get us out of it.”


Here’s what does the letter says


Dear Prime Minister,


I am writing to you as a supporter of Conservative Future, the youth wing of the Conservative Party.


Mine is the generation that will be saddled with your debt, and I think it’s only right that the country is given the chance to vote, at the earliest possible opportunity, on who should lead Britain out of your recession and forward towards a brighter future.

Throughout my formative years I have only known a Labour government, and I have witnessed the erosion of civil liberties, the damaging culture that exists at No. 10, the obscene wastes of public money and the broken promises.


On behalf of my generation, the generation that will have to repay your decade of debt, I ask you to do the right thing and call a General Election as soon as possible so that legitimacy is restored to government and trust is restored to public life.

Yours sincerely,


How do I write to the Prime Minister?


Simply download the letter below, fill in the editable details, print it off, and sign it. We will then collect all the letters at our next meeting (date yet to be confirmed), take a photo for the CF website, and then post the letters to Downing St.


Click here to download the letter


Obama’s first 100 days

April 29, 2009




Today is normally a day I look forward to, as it’s my birthday, but since I found out some time ago, that I would be sharing this anniversary with Barack Hussein Obama’s first 100 days in office I have been somewhat downhearted about the occasion. How can I celebrate my birthday properly, whilst firmly in the knowledge that Liberals will be celebrating as if this was a holy day? I can just imagine the BBC coverage now, vomit inducing does not quite capture the sycophancy of it. So now I must write about why this milestone is deplorable, and if things continue the way they are now, why the America I love will suffer.


Obama has been such a disaster its hard to know where to begin… What about his decision to close down Guantanamo Bay / Gitmo / GuantanAmerica, whatever you want to call it. That’s a good one, oh how the liberals loved that one, a place they had despised for years, yet were instrumental in setting up, now there’s a contradiction for you. The fact of the matter is what are you going to do with the terrorists, sorry “unlawful combatants” that are held there? These men are dangerous criminals, who should never see the light of day again and it’s only by our good grace that we don’t chop off their heads and display them on TV like they do to western hostages.


Whilst we’re on the subject why can’t we say war on terror any more? It’s now “an overseas contingency operation” because lets face it terrorism is such a strong word and we don’t want to further alienate the people that hate us do we? Pathetic.


To add insult to injury Obama also decided to release the CIA memos detailing their enhanced interrogation techniques. Things like; sleep depravation, stress positions and water boarding are now considered torture, despite the fact that these techniques helped prevent an attack on LA airport and the Brooklyn bridge. These interrogation techniques were also approved by congress at the time of their introduction and people like the speaker Nancy Pelosi were given detailed briefings on them.


If there was no objection then, why the witch hunt now? All this has done is aid our enemies by telling them what we do to detainees, and it has made America weaker. The CIA will no longer rigorously pursue terrorists and carry out thorough interrogations, for fear of being prosecuted as war criminals.


Obama should also stop bowing down (literally in the case of the Saudi King) to other world leaders, America is the world super power and should act like it. Who cares what the French have to say about anything, who cares even less what they think? Obviously Obama does.


It seems like hardly a week goes by without Obama apologising to someone about how “terrible” America is and apologising for all “bad” things it has done. I hold firm to George W. Bush’s conviction of “no apologies,” after all what is there to apologise for? Sorry we’re helping to spread freedom and democracy around the world, sorry we saved half of you from totalitarian regimes? Stop glad handing Chavez and remember who your allies are Mr. President, obviously sitting in Rev Wright’s church and palling round with Bill Ayers has seriously affected his judgment.


Finally I turn to Obama’s economic policy. The economy was of course in freefall before he assumed office but his handling of the situation has made things worse. The stimulus money has disappeared into thin air, the treasury department is still understaffed, and the man Obama appointed to run the department Tim Geitner is a tax cheat. He has turned the beacon of free market capitalism into a state controlled behemoth, where everyone must suck from the teat of state to get what they want.


The budget was knee-jerk and appealed directly to the Democratic base. There were no hands across the isle, or the much heralded new style politics of bipartisanship, that Obama promised to introduce. Now America has been saddled with unprecedented debt, which as John McCain rightly said is nothing short of “generational theft.” 


There is so much more I could have said about what I think of Obama’s first 100 days but I feel I must draw the line somewhere. In short America is heading for disaster, if you thought Carter was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I fear for America, the American people are the same but somehow it feels like I’m in a foreign land.


“It’s like 9/11 all over again”

April 28, 2009




Panic ensued in New York yesterday when an Air Force One, the backup plane for the one regularly used by the president, flew low over parts of New York and New Jersey. Two F-16 fighters also accompanied the presidential jet over the city. The sight of what appeared to be a large commercial airliner being perused by fighter jets as it flew past buildings brought back disturbing memories of 9/11.  People fled office buildings, and ran through the streets screaming and in tears, believing that another 9/11 was on the way.


So why was Air Force One flying low over the city, causing mass hysteria in it’s wake, and why was no one notified in advance of the flight? It turns out that this exercise was set up to create an iconic shot of Air Force One, similar to one that was taken in recent years over the Grand Canyon, as it flew past the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline!


They obviously didn’t want people to know about the flight in advance, so that they could capture the looks of shear terror on people’s faces. How appropriate of this administration to bypass all sanity and reason just for a decent photo opportunity. 


Mayor Michael Bloomberg was “furious” that he had not been told in advance about the flyover. He went on to say, “Why the Defence Department wanted to do a photo-op right around the site of the World Trade Centre catastrophe defies imagination. Poor judgment would be a nice ways to phrase it, but they did.”


Apparently “the one,” Barack Obama, had no idea the flight was going to take place and would have cancelled it if he had found out. So who would have access to Air Force One and be dumb enough to do something like this? Please stand up Joe Biden. Oh wait you can’t get up because you’ve been crippled by the angry New Yorker’s. Oh well now you know how it feels Joe.



Make Labour’s next U-turn an EU-turn

April 28, 2009




Yesterday the Conservatives launched a new campaign for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty ahead of the EU elections in June. By highlighting again the injustice that Brown committed over Lisbon – by backing out of Labour’s manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on the treaty – people will see that Labour can’t be trusted in Europe. This will once again put Brown on the back foot during the campaign for the European elections and, limit the Government’s capacity to make any “Tory splits” arguments, as they’ve been desperate to do since the return of Ken Clarke to frontbench politics. 


Crucially, it also reinforces the general theme of the Tory response to the Budget, and the 50p tax rate – namely, that Brown can’t be trusted to keep his manifesto pledges. I think this should be yet another winner for us. Seriously, Brown is making it too easy for us at the moment.


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Inside the Tory war room

April 28, 2009


The Tories have just launched the first in their new series of “War room Briefings”; videos which go behind-the-scenes of their campaign operation. In the first video Eric Pickles shows us round the CCHQ “war room” as it gears up for the county council and EU elections. It’s not too serious but it is good viewing for us political anoraks. I can’t imagine Labour doing a similar video, god knows what happens at Labour HQ, but I bet it’s not too dissimilar to the thick of it.


UPDATE – On second thoughts if Labour produced a similar style video it would probably resemble that famous scene from Downfall. 


Cameron’s Speech

April 26, 2009




This afternoon David Cameron delivered one of his greatest speeches at the Spring forum in Cheltenham. This was a very important speech, perhaps the most important of his leadership so far. In his landmark speech he sends out a very clear signal about the direction a future Conservative government will take. It sums up very precisely what a Conservative government would do to mend our broken economy and highlights that in doing so some tough decisions will have to be made. Here are a few extracts, but for a more comprehensive overview of the speech check out Iain Dale’s blog.


Over the next few years, we will have to take some incredibly tough decisions on taxation, spending, borrowing – things that really affect people’s lives. Getting through those difficult decisions will mean sticking together as a country – government and people. That relationship, just as any other, is strengthened by honesty; undermined by dishonesty.

Gordon Brown doesn’t understand how important this is. Despite the gravity of this debt crisis despite the serious consequences of not dealing with it he still can’t stop his politics of spin; smoke and mirrors; treating people as fools.


There’s no responsibility left in Labour. They’re already set to have the highest borrowing in the G20. And yet, unbelievably, this Government is planning to spend and borrow even more. They’ve just announced a spending increase – not a cut, but an increase – of £20 billion for next year. They’ve delayed the cuts until after the election. Now I wonder why that could be?

Last week, Labour had their chance to set out their alternative, to show how they would lead us out of this crisis and they completely blew it. And now, I just think people are completely sick of it. Sick of Labour’s cynicism; sick of their incompetence; sick of their irresponsibility…

…So it will fall to this Party to offer the responsible politics the country expects in this age of austerity.


Leicestershire County Council

April 25, 2009



With the County Council and European elections coming up we at LUCF are gearing up for the campaign ahead. It is with this in mind that I was pleased to read on an article on Conservative Home by Cllr David Parsons CBE, who is the Leader of Leicestershire County Council. In the article highlights the success of Leicestershire County Council and details his plans for a zero percent increase in Council Tax. Here is a small taster, the rest of the article can be found here.


Since 2001 under Conservative control, Leicestershire has become one of the country’s top performing councils. We have been recognised as “The Council of the Year 2009” – the first ever County Council to win this prestigious award. For the fourth year running, the Audit Commission has rated us as an excellent four star council- and we are strongly improving. 2009 sees us asking for another mandate to carry on this good work and deliver our aim of zero council tax increases.


This is the level of performance people in Leicestershire demand, and it is a challenge Conservatives everywhere must strive to achieve. Despite low levels of government grant, Leicestershire delivers high values of performance and we are rightly one of the UK’s top value for money councils.