Brown Holds Secret Falklands Talks




This week Gordon Brown is leaving all his troubles behind by going on a tour of South America, which will involve a visit to a lefty love-in at a so called “progressive politics” conference in Chile. More like “regressive politics” if you ask me. Many issues will be discussed on this tour but one issue in particular is causing me great concern. It is believed that Brown will be holding secret, one-to-one talks with Argentine president Cristina Kirchner about the future of the Falkland Islands.


It has been confirmed by diplomatic sources that “sovereignty is on their agenda.” Kirchner – like all Argentinean dictators…sorry leaders, is an implacable opponent of British rule over the South Atlantic archipelago and wants nothing less than full sovereignty. The meeting is understood to have been arranged by diplomats in an attempt to prevent a row over the Falklands flaring up at the G20 Summit in London next month, where she had planned to raise the issue.


Typical Argentina eh, the economy is in the s### and the leader is struggling to stay in control, so what’s the answer – Las Malvinas of course. In this context it’s no wonder that this issue has flared up again, but the redeployment of HMS Northumberland from the Falklands to Somalia does not send out the right sort of signals. This is the first time since 1982 that the Falklands have not been protected by a Royal Navy ship. This is a huge error on Browns part, the Argentineans have interpreted it as you would expect – as a sign of weakness. Remember it was the removal of the naval presence from the islands in the early 80’s that lead to the invasion. It’s outrageous that the Navy has been cut to the bone under Labour, they’re now spread so thin that they can’t even deploy a ship to protect the Falklands.


David Lidington, Shadow Foreign Office Minister, said: “We want good relations with Argentina, but the Prime Minister must make it very clear that the democratic rights of the Falkland Islanders must come first. Gordon Brown should be urging Argentina to accept the reality of the Falkland Islands’ wishes and to normalise their relations with the people there.”


Any talk of handing over, or even sharing sovereignty of the islands, is a gross betrayal and an insult to the memory of the 255 British service personnel, who gave their lives for Queen and Country, in the 1982 liberation of the Falklands.  If Brown were anything like a leader he would remind the Argentineans of this. These islands are British, populated by British citizens. The islands were never part of Argentina, and although they were discovered by the Spanish, no settlement had taken place when we first settled the islands. Argentina has no right to them what-so-ever!


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