Obama Wants You (To Join Labour)

March 20, 2009




It seems that Labour’s Obama love fest has reached new heights this week with the appearance of “the one” in one of their leaflets! This comes on top of the recent nauseating hype surrounding Brown’s trip to the United States, and the continual name-dropping he’s engaged in since. Quite frankly I would like to know what Obama thinks of this, I am sure he would not approve of his name and image been banded around like cheap confetti, by a discredited government, that’s on its way out.

The Labour leaflet in question is part of its recruitment drive (stop giggling at the back), and features the words “Yes. I want to make a difference” emblazoned across a picture of Obama. What the US President has to do with the Labour party, I have no idea, and I wonder if they even asked his permission to use his image on party material. It’s pretty desperate stuff, what’s the matter with their own leader, is he not much of a recruitment tool or something? It’s also worth noting that Gordon Brown does not even rate a mention in the leaflet. As I said, DESPERATE.