Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

March 8, 2009




It seems that sorry really does seem to be the hardest word. The Conservatives have launched a new website where you can write an apology for him and send it to your friends. It’s a bit of a gimmick but it’s alright for a laugh. What isn’t funny however is the extraordinary outburst Gordon Brown gave at 30,000 ft to the assembled press and media. There’s been a lot of gossip in Westminster this week that the Prime Minister had, to put it mildly, a frank exchange of views with the media on the plane to Washington. Brown lost it when journalists asked him if he was going to apologise for the mistakes he had made as Chancellor and Prime Minister which have exacerbated this crisis. Simon Walters has broken the silence surrounding the incident today in his article in the Mail on Sunday, here are a few extracts explaining what actually happened.


‘What is it you think I should be apologising for?’ [Brown] demanded. ‘I have nothing to apologise for. You guys just don’t get it do you?’


When one reporter asked why he had let banks get out of control, Mr Brown leaned towards him and said: ‘You’re saying I got it wrong? But I didn’t. The same problems have happened all over the world and our regulations have been better than anyone else’s.

‘Get in the real world. People are saying it is my fault and that I caused the recession. They are wrong. It is not my fault.


‘It did not start in Britain, it started in America. We have had low interest rates and low inflation. Every other recession in Britain has been created by high interest rates and high inflation. That has not happened under me.’


If Brown really does think he has nothing to apologise for, as opposed to believing it wouldn’t be politically wise to do so, it is really quite worrying. Maybe Obama’s snub to the PM was due to his continual finger pointing to America when he directs blame for the economic crisis, Brown should really look a bit closer to home if he is to address the situation. As the song says, the situations getting more and more absurd.