Thringstone By-election

January 24, 2009


A couple of our members went up to the marginal seat of NW Leicestershire today to help the out in a council by-election in the Thringstone & Whitwick ward caused by the Labour councillor’s decision to step down. Our candidate is the excellent Tony Dandy who runs the local gym, and with any luck will become a councillor on February 19th. If Labour lost this (their supposedly safest seat) they would be reduced to just 4 councillors, which is amazing considering that in 2007 they ran the council! This low number would mean they would have the same number of councillors as the Lib Dems and only 2 more than the BNP.


However this will be a tough battle, similar to the recent by-election in Ibstock with a tough challenge posed by both Labour and the BNP. We met on a cold but clear day outside Ruby’s fish and chip shop on the main street with the rest of the local party members, councillors and a group from De Montfort University CF. Andrew Bridgen PPC for NW Leicestershire was on hand to organise the groups. We spent a good five hours knocking on doors and delivering leaflets and finished the day with a pint in the local pub. All in all it was a very rewarding day and we hope to organise a CF action day one weekend before poling day.



Edward Garnier Event

January 24, 2009



Last nights event with Edward Garnier QC MP was a great success and everyone who attended had a most enjoyable evening. I am sure I speak for everyone in thanking Edward for joining us for the evening, it was great to speak to him over dinner and we look forward to meeting him again when the annual trip to parliament is organised.


Edward is a Shadow Minister for Justice and Member of Parliament for Harborough since April 1992. He has held many posts in his career. He was Shadow Attorney General from June 1999 to September 2001. Then in May 2005, he was appointed as a Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and since July 2007, he has been Shadow Minister for Justice.


The event was held at the excellent Taj Mahal restaurant, one of Leicester’s oldest and best curry houses. The conversation covered many matters including; the economy, defence, the EU, policing and local party issues. Edward was very pleased with how the evening worked out and thanked the society for organising such a successful event. He went on to thank the members for their help in past council elections and looked forward to our assistance come the county council and EU elections this year. More pictures of the event can be found on the past events page.


Afterwards we departed to the local pub for a few pints to toast yet another successful event. This was the first event of the New Year and was a great start to what will hopefully become a packed social calendar. We will be organising an action day for one weekend soon to help in the NW Leicestershire, Thringstone ward, council by-election, plus many more social events, so watch the events page.